Whoops, wrong number

Posted By on January 11, 2007

I’m reviewing the messages on my Treo a few days ago and come across a picture of a guy in a hospital bed, with an associated phone number. I don’t recognize the guy or the number. I call and a woman answers. “Who are you?” I ask. She doesn’t ask who’s calling, identifies herself as Maureen, tells me she’s from around Pittsburgh, and that’s a picture of her father-in-law, who’s dying. It’s a peculiarly personal phone call for complete strangers.
I tell her her number is linked to this photo and she says it was her first try at sending a photo. She apologizes; she must’ve hit the wrong button.
I wonder how many others got the photo of Maureen’s dying father-in-law. I wish I’d kept it for its weirdness and sadness. Isn’t technology wonderful? Maybe not.


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