CRRM Makes Critical Progress

Posted By on March 12, 2007

It’s not easy to get a book review. I know, because I pitch them all the time. As a freelancer, I’m usually at a disadvantage when staff writers want to review the same book. Maybe that will change as book review sections shrink in the face of staff layoffs at newspapers. I hate to see papers shrivel, but that might mean more freelance work.

This is a long way around of saying I’m glad to see a freelancer review my book, “Cleveland Rock & Roll Memories.” That freelancer is Gillian G. Gaar, whose name I’m familiar with through various rock periodicals. We’ve never met, but we’ve shared the same publication real estate from time to time.

I was gratified to see that Gillian liked my book. Here’s a link to her review from Harp magazine, a music journal out of Maryland that’s published eight times a year. This comes from its March/April issue: Click here to read at Harp Magazine


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