Dog Day Afternoon

| May 27, 2007

It’s Sunday morning and, as usual, I look toward the bookcase in the living room for Ramona, the basset hound who (no “that” for this girl) has been sleeping and sleeping and sleeping in her bed there. And realized, with a sad jolt, that she’s gone. Karen and I “put Ramona down” on Friday, May […]

Creating a buzz in Hudson

| May 27, 2007

Seems I’m generating some buzz in Hudson for my book, Cleveland Rock & Roll Memories. The reason is a local TV show, “Good Day in Hudson,” which airs over Hudson Cable TV. A few weeks ago, I traveled to Hudson, an upscale community south of Cleveland, for a 20-minute interview with Frank Youngwerth, the show’s […]

For the long run

| May 24, 2007

I drove about 350 miles this past weekend on behalf of my book. I spread the word of Cleveland Rock & Roll Memories far south of Cleveland, with a signing Saturday in Ashland and one Sunday in Mansfield, about 20 miles even farther south. I didn’t sell many CRRMs, but I did get it around. […]

Changes in the air

| May 12, 2007

I’m embarrassed. I haven’t blogged in three weeks, and I told you I’d tell you how the South Euclid City Council meeting went. It went fine; Sunny Simon, the councilwoman who invited me there, graciously introduced me, and I spoke for a few minutes. Sunny; her former boyfriend, David Berenson, a friend from ping-pong; and […]

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