For the record

| August 31, 2007

My last blog was about Shelly Tirk, the record guy who died in mid-August. Shelly’s passing made me think of the passing of the record industry, as I and my contemporaries know it. Music used to mean record stores where people of a similar mindset might congregate to find out about what was hot, what […]

Death of a salesman

| August 19, 2007

I met Shelley Tirk in 2005. I probably got his name from Daffy Dan or Brad Bell, proud alumni of Shelley’s Melody Lane school of record sales. Shelley lived in Lyndhurst. He invited me over to talk; he’d be glad to help me out with my project, he said. We spent about three hours together. […]

Desert island downloads?

| August 12, 2007

I was on vacation on the Jersey shore the first week of August, which was great. But I was mad I missed the first day of the Goldmine record show at the rock hall in Cleveland. I thought it would be a great occasion to sell my book, “Cleveland Rock & Roll Memories.” So when […]

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