Old friends, part II

Posted By on November 1, 2007

I talked to Jack about the Red Sox today. I was at the last game the Sox lost, to the Cleveland Indians, on Oct. 15. Karen and I went and had a ball. Paul Byrd pitched well; it was before the HGH thing, which still has to be resolved. But then, Boston beat the Indians, clinching the ALCS, and then went on to defeat the Colorado Rockies, which looked like a toy team in four consecutive losses. Boston was, hands down, the best baseball team of 2007. Jack told me a week before he came to visit us in early October that nobody could beat the Red Sox. He was right. He seems ever more lucid these days, and he’s enjoying a writers’ group he recently joined. Good to hear him engaged and excited.

Just catching up, trying to make good, with myself, with Jack, with time; as usual, it’s been a few weeks since I blogged, and there’s been a lot going on, like being glued to the TV to watch the Indians nearly make it (again; hello Cleveland!), read and write about a whole lot of books, play two ping-pong tournaments in which I lost some ratings points but didn’t totally embarrass myself, and get ready for China.

I’m leaving a week from today for 10 days in China. I’m going with Rich Roberts, head of corporate public relations for Wyndham Hotel Group. Rich was my partner almost exactly a year ago, when I covered Wyndham Hotel Group’s development efforts in Europe and Dubai. What a trip. This year, we’re doing four cities—Beijing, Shanghai, Xiamen and Hong Kong—instead of six countries/cities, which we did last year (London, Dublin, Berlin, Budapest, Malta, Dubai). I expect the pace will be slightly less frenetic but the input will be even more exotic. I have a feeling China will be the most foreign place I’ve ever been to.

On another front: Nov. 18 marks the anniversary of the release of my book, “Cleveland Rock & Roll Memories.” I’m beginning to promote it again: Just two days ago, I guested on a Cleveland oldies radio station, WNCX-FM, to push my book and to talk about the nominees for the 2008 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductions. This weekend, I’m traveling to Wooster to be in the Buckeye Book Fair, a gathering of about 100 Ohio authors for signings and sales.

I’ll keep you posted. All I’m doing with this entry is getting myself up-to-date. Sometimes, a blog is a kind of diary. That’s okay, even though it’s modest.


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