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Posted By on January 31, 2008

So I finally got through to the people administering the University School website, apparently convincing them I’m alive. The website,, listed me as dead and misspelled my name as “Wolfe.” One of my oldest friends, Eddie Violet, e-mailed me today to tell me he’s about to retire from the state Bureau of Workers Compensation in Columbus; going through old e-mails he noticed that he’d told me about my premature demise several years ago, checked the website and lo and behold, I was still dead.

I went to University School, an arm of Ohio State University, from the time I was 5 until I was 15, when my family moved to the Boston area. That year was 1959. I spent my last two years at Newton North High School in suburban Boston.

But University School, which I recall with great affection for its open-mindedness and progressiveness, was essentially where I learned to think. So it matters to me that my association with it is accurately chronicled. I went there as a faculty brat; my father, Kurt H. Wolff, was a professor of sociology at OSU before Brandeis University hired him northward.

Today, I called Columbus information and got hold of the numbers of the AAUS.NET publisher and archivist; the latter told me she couldn’t recall who had informed her of my alleged death, and the publisher called me later apologizing for the error. I expect my reanimation will surface soon on the website. Weird how the Internet can spread bad information. Glad I caught the error.


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