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Posted By on March 24, 2008

Carlo & New Puppy

Karen and I and Lylah drove to West Union, Ohio on St. Patrick’s Day and bought an eight-week-old Newfoundland puppy from Herb Erwin, a fast-talking farmer/realtor/auctioneer who rules a huge roost , not to mention a whole gang of roosters. A surreal scene, indeed, when our yuppie Odyssey pulled up, zippered “crate” from Target in tow to transport the pup back 250 miles north.

Karen and I came across Herb’s farm following a barn sale sign in mid-January, when we spent a weekend at Murphin Ridge Inn, a fabulous b&b a few miles from Herb’s. We met the Newfoundland elders, the great landseer Madison (a landseer is a genetic rarity, a Newfoundland with a black head and black-and-white body) and Madison’s “wife,” all-black Katy.
Madison was our first view when we pulled into the driveway that sunny January day, and I liked him: funky, big, matted, very calm, very kind – and beautiful. So when we saw Katy, gigantic with imminent litter, we told Herb we’d like a puppy when she dropped. The one we got was the last, a girl, black with a white tuft on her chest and chin and a dash of white on a paw (or is it two)? We brought her back north with minimum fuss – yes, there was whining, but it was moderate – and when Lylah’s sister Katy saw her, she went nuts. So has everybody else who’s seen her, and we had a gang of visitors over this Easter weekend.

The Newfie girl’s name is Pearl Marie; settling on the moniker wasn’t easy, but it works and everybody agreed on it. Pearl, or Pearly, is very calm and friendly. She barks occasionally; she seems already kind of housetrained, as she goes outside to pee and poop and really, really likes to play in the snow. At eight weeks, she weighs 18 pounds. I suspect she’ll easily top 100, and she’s going to be hairy and drooly. But I already love her, and look forward to hanging out with her a lot.

The crate Karen bought in advance of the puppy is one to grow in for sure. It occupies a goodly portion of our family room, and Pearl already seems comfortable with it. I plan to take her for a walk today and see how she fares with that (Karen tells me it’s tricky). I also hope the cats settle down about Pearl; they seem not only scared but downright hostile, particularly Elliott, who’s done his best to avoid the dog. Her curiosity keeps the engagement going, however. Pearl Marie feels like a peaceable kingdom unto herself.


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