Personality conflicts

Posted By on July 19, 2008

A blog is personal, right? But like other forums (or is it fora?), the notion of boundaries applies. The reason I’m pondering this today is I’m sitting in Cleveland Hopkins Airport on the (delayed) start of my last business trip as a full-timer for Lodging Hospitality and have time to ponder some blog-related incidents of the past few months.

I often write about my family, which, sometimes to my regret, is more extended than I’d like it to be. If that sounds snarky, it’s because I’ve learned from a recent posting that when I write about someone other than myself—and the material might be sensitive—I should run it by that other first. Otherwise, who knows might take offense. If I went into detail, I’d aggravate the issue.

Otherwise, some random thoughts: My last day at LH is Aug. 1 and I haven’t lined up anything solid for beyond that. I’m looking for low-level part-time editing work; I’m confident I’ll be able to keep up the book reviews and the occasional music piece, but I’m eager to have some kind of platform. Lodging Hospitality has been very, very good to me these many years, and I’ll miss its security—and society. But I’m pretty sure I’ll find much new to do, and I’m looking forward to time with my family and pets. Also, I have a feeling my wife will be done with “Thick Through the Middle,” her graphic book about weight issues. It may be time for me to come up with another book; it’s been a few years.

I’m continuing this on Friday waiting in Atlanta’s airport to go home after a week of conferences. The one LH sponsored in Chicago ran like a clock and was a smash; the one I’m just ending, the black hotel owners’ and operators’ conference I’ve attended for so many years, was a blast of another sort. Telling people I’m leaving drew all sorts of responses, to congratulations to let’s continue working together to what are you going to do? It’ll be good to get home and feel kind of grounded in one of the most unsettled months of my life.


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  1. Kirby says:

    Good luck to you. I’ve always enjoyed your writing and expect to continue to do so. You can count on some of that work we discussed. Won’t less travel be nice? K.

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