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Posted By on August 27, 2008

My friend Jack called the other night to see how I’m doing almost a month into retirement. I’m doing fine, I told him before we got into another political argument (he thinks Obama’s a Manchurian candidate). God knows retirement is still weird. I’m getting up maybe an hour later than I used to when I worked so I can hang with my wife before she goes to her job. It’s weird, too, because now that the kids are back in school, my days stretch out and it can be lonely. Glad Pearl Marie, the Newfoundland puppy, is with me; we’ve taken many walks we both enjoy, and this August was a great month to leave work, what with its largely beautiful weather. Late summer and fall can be beautiful in Cleveland.

Last Saturday, my former boss threw a retirement party for me. It was small and relaxed and warm. I miss people I worked with and am learning how to network in new ways. I’m into Facebook (a little), deal with a flurry of Linked In communiqués (can anybody explain what that does for them?) and am e-mailing furiously. I’m also beginning to write more on my own website and vow to learn how to post pictures and links in it. Time to go even more digital.

My other newfound pleasure is our house, a money pit with enough room for all of us. My friend Quinn helped me clear out the garage a few weeks ago so this winter, we’ll be able to park both our Scions in it, and I’ve begun to get the weeds out of the driveway. I hope to tackle the basement and upstairs this winter, clearing the house of material that no longer matters; it feels like outgrowing emotional clothes.

Oh, yes—work. I’m reading a lot of books for review and next week will travel to Santa Fe for my first freelance assignment for Lodging Hospitality. Late in September I’m going to Phoenix for the Lodging Conference, where I’ll be doing some work for Asian Hospitality, a London-based monthly. Just because I’m retired doesn’t mean I’m out of circulation.



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