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Posted By on August 27, 2008

I’m getting pissed at the Clintons. Drudge cites a CNN source this morning to say Bill’s going to skip Barack Obama’s crucial speech at the Democratic National Convention Thursday night, and Hillary’s supporters are still grousing that Obama isn’t paying off her campaign debts fast or deeply enough. I thought Bill Clinton was a very good president and until Obama came along, thought Hillary Clinton might be good, too.

But now the Clintons are helping John McCain, the Republican presidential candidate with a mind so open it’s leaking, defeat Obama, a guy with various disadvantages: He’s black enough, if not for all, to be defeated by racism, he’s so intelligent some trash him for it, he’s so charismatic the Republicans can denigrate him for not being one of the guys, and he’s singular. Which makes him suspect. But what makes Obama so vulnerable—imagine, even bobblehead Mitt Romney is throwing celebrity-tainted barbs at him—is his rapid rise. Some admire him for his disciplined, digitally innovative campaign. Others castigate him for his ambition. But if he weren’t ambitious, would he be running for President?

What it comes down to is Obama can be targeted as an uppity nigger, a viewpoint the Clintons would strenuously deny. Even articulating that phrase is ugly; I’m sorry I have to. But that’s what’s going on. Obama’s choice of Joe Biden as vice president would seek to bridge the nation’s racial chasm and fill other gaps in Obama’s vita, like experience, foreign policy and a kind of gravitas. But the Clintons, particularly Bill, a man who prides himself on being colorblind, are undercutting Obama as effectively as any Swift Boater might. Which pisses me off. All we need is another four years of retro rule, right?



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