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Posted By on September 17, 2008

I’ve been going through some changes recently, wearing a captain’s hat and practicing seafaring. At least that’s what I see in my mind when I’m at the helm of Seawolff Communications, my new business alter ego. It’s a limited liability corporation I’ve formed as my business, dealing in words, concepts and brand strategy. My wife, the multi-talented Karen Sandstrom, designed my new business card. It’s a new way of looking at myself and presenting myself, and it goes with other visual changes.

 I just finished a two-session tattoo on my upper right arm. That’s probably not particularly businesslike, but you can do this sort of thing when you’re retired and in business for yourself. The core of my tattoo is the Chinese symbol for double happiness, or marriage. That ideogram commemorates my domestic situation and my trip to China last year, where the double happiness symbol is ubiquitous. It’s also the name of a brand of rubber I use on my ping pong paddle.

 Another change: a beard. I haven’t worn one for about 10 years. The last time was probably when I had a ponytail. I’m not sure I like this one—it takes getting used to–but it was fun to let it grow—and to use a beard trimmer.

Nothing that heavy this time, though there’s plenty to be heavy about, like gun-toting, snowmobile-loving, God-fearing, baby-making Sarah Palin, the GOP’s “answer” to Hillary Clinton. Not to mention a racist country that’s probably going to do the “If you’re black, get back” on Obama, this time in the name of gender liberation. God help us.



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