My Obama Movie

| November 29, 2008

Katy’s boyfriend Nick suggested I make a movie as a response to an Obama questionnaire regarding the future of the country under the president-elect. Here it is. It’s a prelude to my growing understanding of how to use the Internet to enhance the blog. Look for further/better changes in the near future, including real links, […]

Tectonic shifts

| November 27, 2008

It’s Thanksgiving Day, my second (I was there her birth year in 1995) with my daughter, Lylah and the first I’ve spent with the rest of my family in 13 years. Each year this weekend, I’ve gone to either Detroit or Baltimore for a table tennis tournament. Not this one; last year’s was not a […]

The Obama effect

| November 7, 2008

I was at a local bar the night of Nov. 4 when CNN said Ohio had gone for Obama. That was when I knew he’d won the presidency, and I cheered as loud as anybody. The gang of Obama workers at the Purple Shamrock in South Euclid knew then that something huge was happening, and […]

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