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Posted By on May 25, 2009

I want to thank my wife, the gifted multimedia artist Karen Sandstrom, for outfitting my website with this new header, and I want to thank website facilitator Dave Miyares for fitting it and my “old” blog into this new template. I also want to thank the technocommunications expert Penny Stetz for advice in setting it up and schooling me on how to feed it. I’m getting better with putting links into the thing, though I still have trouble with photos.

I hope these pictures from a recent press trip I took to Honduras amuse and entertain you. I’ve never had a macaw perch on my shoulder, let alone held a sleepy, five-month-old Capuchin monkey. The trip itself was tiring; we were on the run for nearly six days, visiting all kinds of tourist spots including the fabulous Mayan ruins of Copan. Bummer: I lost my camera. Upside: Manos Angelakis, a classy gentleman who operates the website luxuryweb.com, helped me by providing these photos.


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  1. John Ettorre says:

    Very nice new site, Carlo. Congratulations.

  2. Hi Carlo,

    thanks for invite to your site, it looks great, the link i tried in my email to yahoo didn’t work but may be my security settings

    we seem to have much in common, maybe you’d be interested in doing a story on my songs, writing and music, recordings of best of Split Pea/ce up now


    played in nyc (Cornelia Street Cafe), oklahoma, cleveland (spider, visible voice, peabodys, macs backs, waterloo global fest

    starting to get invites to be featured in nyc, chicago

    people are reading my stuff and listening from all over us, many countires esp UK Australia

    more listeners in nyc, chicago, out west

    in any case looking forward to folliowing your writrings, i love music and have done stories over they years as a newspaper report


    lyrical Americana pop poetry music stuff

    just wrote pieces on dylan and baez that are interesting, the i knew joans baez record is up now

    take care,

    good luck, i need a site like this, who did it? i’d like to talk to the person maybe to develop my site

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