Thanks, Woody Herman

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This set includes period liner notes by Nat Hentoff, Leonard Feather and Willis Conover.

These Woody Herman recordings from the early to mid-’60s boast modernist arrangements, spectacular solos and a judicious selection of pop covers. These roaring, democratic dates suggest that Herman was a thoughtful sort capable of switching between incendiary soloing and giving his great players plenty of solo room themselves. The Mosaic Select box resurrects three albums from the long out-of-print Mercury and Smash catalog, including a live date from 1964. Big-band jazz is one of the nichiest areas in jazz, a niche genre of its own. This box attests to a period when jazz still had affinities with pop; the mid-’60s, after all, was one of the richest periods ever when it came to musical fermentation. This music—not avant-garde but intriguingly experimental and often daring—had wide appeal then and should have wide appeal now. Get it before it disappears again: Mosaic made only 5,000 of these.

Woody Herman (Mosaic Select)
Woody Herman (Artist)
Audio CD (June 23, 2009)
Original Release Date: January 29, 2008
Number of Discs: 3
Label: Mosaic Select
List price: $83.99

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