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Posted By on May 2, 2012

Last night, an acquaintance posted a “billboard” on Facebook comparing President Obama to Ronald McDonald, the hamburger clown, saying Team 6 should get the credit for killing Osama bin Laden, not Obama. The post ticked me off. It’s another kneejerk, far-right attack on Obama, who has been far more effective militarily and diplomatically than his predecessor. These hostiles wouldn’t give Obama credit if he ended pollution, cured cancer or joined Israel and Palestine in a new, peaceful country.

Maybe I chickened out by not responding on Facebook. I still consider this acquaintance a decent guy, though I think his politics are bogus and narrow. There’s another guy who posts similarly right-wing political snark, along with questionable, soft-core porn that draws snickers and leers from other guys and quizzical responses from women. I don’t want to unfriend these guys, but some of their posts seem like a form of cyber-bullying. You can pick a fight on Facebook for sure, but it often degenerates into name-calling and too rarely resolves anything.

Which is why a blog can be useful. You can go longer and you can raise issues without stoking the temperature. As Obama proves over and over again, no drama is a virtue.


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