Worries and opportunities

Posted By on June 13, 2012

Missed my blog entry yesterday. Woke up midway through the night anxious about it, so here it is. Just read a story about how Romney is seizing on Obama’s misspeakings, painting the president as out of touch. No matter that gaffemeister Romney is genetically out of touch himself. What matters is that Romney’s turning the tables, simplifying and ridiculing Obama’s complicated, non-linear and apparently ineffective messaging. I’m worried for Obama, who’s beginning to smart from the relentless GOP slams and that narrow party’s mindless obstructionism. And media are buying into the GOP’s Citizens United-fueled distortions.

I think Romney would be a bad president because he’s a reactionary like Reagan, the jingo with the smiling face so revered by Republicans who’d like the country to go back to the values of the Revolutionary War era. Obama’s still by far the better choice. The main reason he hasn’t delivered on various promises is that all of the GOP and many in his own party haven’t even attempted to work with him.

On the up side: I’m putting the finishing touches on an Invisible Soul chapter I’m due to send that publishing house in the South this week, along with a revised outline including sources I’ll use for each chapter. This one is very long and has been hard to craft. Thanks to my fine editor Karen Sandstrom for the love and mercy she shows in helping me put this together.(Be sure to look at her blog entry on “Your Daily Newspaper.”)

In addition, Great Lakes Review, a journal of writing from Cleveland, Chicago, Toronto, Milwaukee, and Buffalo, has accepted an Invisible Soul chapter to publish in its inaugural issue this fall—both online and in print. Invisible Soul is beginning to see the light.


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