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Posted By on June 26, 2012

It’s our third day in our house a block from the beach in Stone Harbor, the Jersey Shore town we hanker to visit at least once a year. Yesterday was stormy and grey with patches of dry, a perfect day to play tourist in tourist-savvy Cape May, down the road apiece.

On Sunday, I made my usual yearly mistake: sitting in the sun long enough to burn. Yesterday cooled me off. I’m ready for more sun and a swim. The beach is less than five minutes away.

Vacation is weird when you’re retired. I still work, and work hard, but I make my own schedule. That’s different from an office routine, which provides its own discipline. I still have work to do—I just finished a review of James Lee Burke’s latest novel for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette—but I’m focusing on relaxing. It’s not easy.

We’ve gone out to eat, bought great key lime pie, and watched a few movies. The Grey was depressing and contrived, despite the performance of Liam Neeson. Drive was better: a brutal psychological thriller starring Ryan Gosling, with great turns by Albert Brooks and Ron Perlman, a man of incredibly long face.

My great friend, Rich Roberts, is coming to visit Thursday. It will be a too-rare opportunity to hang with him. Next week I’ll post a pic or two of our New Jersey sojourn. Excuse me while I get back to my time off.


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