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James Holmes looked like Bozo the Clown in his court appearance today. No wonder, since he was the easily and well armed Joker who mutilated the nation’s innocence—again—in a crowded theater in suburban Denver Friday night. Colorado seems to be a magnet for crazy.

Gnashing of teeth, words of sobriety and comfort, nuanced posturing, and a nation fatally ambivalent toward violence all add up to nothing. As long as the United States values “freedom” over community, “individualism” over society and cash over conscience, the loonies will have access to murder tools.

Look for politicians who back gun control. Help those who fight the NRA. Support them, even if that involves shades of grey. But until a national figure more powerful even than New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg stands up to guns, nothing will happen. I wish I could be more hopeful, but this kind of incident leaves me in despair. I wish I could strip the quotes from freedom and individualism and trust more in the American community. It’s rusted and scary these days.


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  1. Tom Lash says:

    The younger voters want LESS gun control… from 70-some percent 20 years ago to less than 45% today. The NRA is more interested in protecting the rights of the gunman versus the rights of the theater-goer. So much for a free society.

  2. Nancy Wasen says:

    Very well said Carlo. I live in god, guns and gays country and it is scary how people feel about their damn guns.
    I can’t wait to retire and at least find a pocket of this country where I don’t have to hear about everyone and their gun rights…..
    I am sad and disgusted.

  3. brownie says:

    Weapon of choice in South Africa, machete aka panga murder is out of control.blacks killing blacks in this country out of control.people killing people everywhere out of control.got any ideas for a fix?i don’t.

  4. Carlo says:

    Like I said, the situation leaves me speechless. I can be sensitive about the issue. I can wail about it, which I’ve kind of done. Certainly I can approve all everyone’s comments, of varying degrees of hopelessness. Man is murderous. Man is also marvelous (not to mention women). Balance is all.

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