Linguistic differences

| May 4, 2009

I had a difference of style with a major newspaper the other day when the editors there sanitized my review of a book based on the work of Philip K. Dick, the science fiction writer. I punned on his name, and it wouldn’t fly. Funny how the gap remains between what people can joke about […]


| April 7, 2009

Penny Stetz, a tech whiz I met through Macintosh guru Spike, is coming over to help me update technologically. Blogs take feeding; Facebook takes even greater attention. I have both, and I don’t use them enough. I’d write more for my blog if I could embed links in it, along with photography. I’d do more […]

My ‘beat’ goes on

| January 1, 2009

I was Googling Mike Belkin for links to his website ( when I came across this review of “Cleveland Rock & Roll Memories” from the Akron Beacon Journal in May 2007.  Better late than never to post it. I’m doing a couple of signings for the book next month at the Cleveland Home and Garden […]

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