Cleveland’s Christmas spirit

| December 24, 2009

I went downtown Dec. 22 to pick up new glasses at Jerold Optical on Huron Road. I parked at a meter with 25 minutes left. My daughter Lylah and I picked up the specs within 10 minutes and left Jerold, the only full-service optical emporium left downtown. We saw a cop ticketing my car. I […]

American twilight part II

| December 17, 2009

It’s almost Christmas, time for the spirit of giving, but our politicians seem to have lost sight of this. Three weeks ago, I ranted against the Republicans for saying no to health care reform. Now, I’m blasting spineless or mean-spirited Democrats, particularly Nebraska Sen. Ben Nelson, a self-styled conservative determined to scuttle health care reform […]

American twilight

| November 24, 2009

Are Americans getting stupider? Or is it just Republicans? Seems like in the face of contrary evidence, Americans, according to a Washington Post poll, are beginning to think global warming doesn’t exist. The Christian Science Monitor, meanwhile, just published evidence to the contrary. Might global warming become an issue as divisive as abortion? God forbid. […]

Will crying help?

| September 17, 2009

When House Speaker Nancy Pelosi cried about the body politic today, it reminded me of the day in January 2008 when then-presidential candidate Hillary Clinton grew misty during a New Hampshire campaign stop. Clinton intimated tears when a woman asked her how she bore up under the campaign strain. Pelosi quivered when she compared today’s […]

Maybe we can’t

| August 18, 2009

I just read Politico’s story on liberal pundit dismay with Obama. I’m alarmed myself. Obama’s waffling on health care reform, apparently ready to sacrifice a public option to insurance and pharmacy interests (forget single payer). He hasn’t lifted the Cuban embargo despite calls for air travel from here to there, not just from there to […]


| July 24, 2009

So I’m leaving the Taj Mahal the early afternoon of July 15 and it’s unbelievably hot and to get to the tour bus I have to run a vendor and beggar gauntlet unlike any I’ve ever encountered including one kind of like this outside the Great Wall of China. Only this one puts vendors and […]

My Obama Movie

| November 29, 2008

Katy’s boyfriend Nick suggested I make a movie as a response to an Obama questionnaire regarding the future of the country under the president-elect. Here it is. It’s a prelude to my growing understanding of how to use the Internet to enhance the blog. Look for further/better changes in the near future, including real links, […]

The Obama effect

| November 7, 2008

I was at a local bar the night of Nov. 4 when CNN said Ohio had gone for Obama. That was when I knew he’d won the presidency, and I cheered as loud as anybody. The gang of Obama workers at the Purple Shamrock in South Euclid knew then that something huge was happening, and […]

Joe the Hater

| October 31, 2008

I went to pick up my daughter at her friend Laura’s house and encountered a McCain-Palin sign on Laura’s parents’ front yard. I’ve talked politics to Laura’s mom, who’s said she leaned toward McCain. When I offered her Obama literature, she at least took it. When I picked up Lylah, Laura’s dad opened the door. […]

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