Heart music

| May 14, 2008

I’m beginning to grasp a new kind of music, what I call heart music. It doesn’t fall into any particular category or niche; rather, it encompasses many. Two shows I saw recently stirred me so, all I could come up with was that description. The first was on April 25 in New Orleans. I was […]

Goodbye to Susan

| April 26, 2008

A few weeks ago, when I told my old friend Eric about how my old friend Jack was doing (maybe not so good), he wrote back sympathizing and told me Susan Connell-Mettauer had died. Susan Connell was my girlfriend in 1963; we danced to the Beatles, had a passionate affair, and were busted by her […]

Car talk

| April 12, 2008

Katy had a pretty bad accident today, driving the 2001 Honda Accord EX I bought her last night into the rear of some high-end Ford product, which in turn hit the rear of one of those mercifully rare new Chrysler Sebring convertibles. Hope I don’t get sued for this by angry Chryslerians. There’s been a […]

What a difference a dog makes

| March 24, 2008

Karen and I and Lylah drove to West Union, Ohio on St. Patrick’s Day and bought an eight-week-old Newfoundland puppy from Herb Erwin, a fast-talking farmer/realtor/auctioneer who rules a huge roost , not to mention a whole gang of roosters. A surreal scene, indeed, when our yuppie Odyssey pulled up, zippered “crate” from Target in […]

Dog days

| March 15, 2008

Karen and I are traveling to West Union, Ohio tomorrow, then driving back with a fresh cargo: a Newfoundland puppy, yet to be named. It’ll be a girl, one of seven born to Katy and Madison, a happy and productive Newfoundland couple at Herb Erwin’s sprawling, wacky farm. Violetta, the Russian hottie who commandeers our […]

Obama time

| February 23, 2008

I’ve watched a good dozen of the Democratic Party debates and I’m a fan of Bill Clinton’s. But on March 4, if not before, I’ll cast my vote for Barack Obama in the Ohio Democratic primary. The decision has gotten easier. I know Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland, an obviously intelligent and sensitive guy, backs Hillary […]

China processing

| January 31, 2008

Just wanted to memorialize this: I’ve had two pieces stemming from my November China trip published recently. The online local newsletter, Cool Cleveland is running an overview this week  http://www.coolcleveland.com/index.php?n=Main.Cozy and the St. Petersburg Times, a Florida newspaper that regularly publishes my book reviews (check out the archives at www.tampabay.com), ran a big takeout of […]

Back atcha

| January 31, 2008

So I finally got through to the people administering the University School website, apparently convincing them I’m alive. The website, www.aaus.net, listed me as dead and misspelled my name as “Wolfe.” One of my oldest friends, Eddie Violet, e-mailed me today to tell me he’s about to retire from the state Bureau of Workers Compensation […]

A weekend getaway

| January 16, 2008

Karen and I were in Adams County, Ohio last weekend, getting away from it all at Murphin Ridge Inn. That’s a kind of expanded bed and breakfast in West Union, a speck of a town about 75 miles north of Cincinnati. It’s 250 miles south of our house, so it took four-and-a-half hours to get […]

Such cute control

| January 5, 2008

I’m sitting next to Laura, Lylah’s bud. Laura and Lylah are shrieking. Lylah’s my daughter, on the verge of 13. She’s obsessed with Nick, Joe and Kevin Jonas, aka the Jonas Brothers, the minihunks on the Hannah Montana Tour, the hottest rock ‘n’ roll ticket in years. Karen, my wife, made Lylah cry for joy […]

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